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Showing a lil' love for our Moms

We want to celebrate all moms,
not just for one day, but for a whole month!

Yes! You read that right.

For the whole month of May, take the opportunity
to gift your mom, or someone else's mom
with online fitness classes with us.

You have the choice of either getting a bouquet of
fitness classes, or an unlimited access to all our classes.

Whether your mom is a beginner or a long-time workout specialist, we got  her covered.

We'll even add in a free consultation to make sure she gets started with the right classes.

Untitled design(8).png

Moms are the bestest at taking care of everybody; their kids, spouse, co-workers neighbours, friends...

There is nothing a mom can't do, right?!

So, let's return the love!

Because, when mom's good, the family is good :-)

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